Inaugural Meeting of the (LABB) Research Group.

July 16, 2018 by LABB Group0
We will be hosting the Inaugural meeting of the Liverpool Aortic Biomechanics and Biochemistry (LABB) Research Group on 17th July 2018. This interdisciplinary meeting brings together clinicians, engineers and life scientists to explore state-of-the-art in aortic pathology research. Key topics include:

– Biochemistry and biomechanics of ascending/thoracic aneurysms

– Surgical challenges for thoracic aneurysms

– Behcet’s disease

– Novel techniques for vascular research – CT, AFM, Fast Digital Laser Sheet Microscopy and nanoindentation

– Structure and development of the aorta

– Mechanical Circulatory Support

The meeting programme and Abstract Booklet is now available to download

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